Easyboner: Curious Name. Serious Tool

Easyboner is our premium food-grade fish boning tweezer. It's the undisputed king of fish boning tools for good reason due to it having many seriously excellent features that help distinguish it head and shoulders over its competitors. From its precision, perfectly aligned soft-set jaws to its special high-arched shaping and durable ergonomic … [Read more...]

When We Say “Lifetime Warranty” We Mean It

We've all been through the scenario of making a purchase only to end up being disappointed with it failing at some point later on. You then reach out for support only to be met with poor customer service. Rest assured that each and every Delanti Global product goes through a stringent manufacturing and quality control process performed right in the … [Read more...]

Success Through Strategic Partnership

Our primary ethos is to place our customers as being concentric to our business. We think that providing a premium level of customer service is vital in maintaining happy, satisfied customers. Everyone knows that quality products are too often spoiled by bad service and support. We therefore place great value on fostering and nurturing good customer … [Read more...]

Superior Products Designed For Life

Our mission can be summed up in a single concise statement. "We exist to develop innovative, superior-quality products engineered for durability, ease of use and value for money and to deliver a superb customer service experience." When developing our products we feel that it's vital to examine a whole host of factors, including evaluating and … [Read more...]