When We Say “Lifetime Warranty” We Mean It

We’ve all been through the scenario of making a purchase only to end up being disappointed with it failing at some point later on. You then reach out for support only to be met with poor customer service.

Rest assured that each and every Delanti Global product goes through a stringent manufacturing and quality control process performed right in the USA. All our products are automatically covered for life under our unique guarantee and replacement policy.

In a nutshell if you ever experience a manufacturing problem or defect with one of our products within the course of your lifetime then we’ll happily send you out a replacement or issue you a 100% refund. It’s your call.

Try getting that kind of warranty from our competitors.

Whilst our return rate is absolutely negligible our confidence in our products is massive. So in the unlikely event you need help or assistance in any way with your product, remember we’re right here for you.

Initiating a support ticket or lodging a claim for warranty is a simply matter of opening a support ticket via our Product Support Center. We’ll get back to you within 12 hours to get the ball rolling.